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Welcome to the Para.Science website. Para.Science was established to conduct serious study, research and investigation into all types of paranormal phenomena. Our members are based across the UK, and we have associates in other countries across the world. The website contains some of our investigation reports, along with articles by Para.Science members which include results of some of our research, along with some of our hypotheses about the cause of some apparently paranormal phenomena. Follow the links on the left to access the reports.


Paranormal television, radio programmes and also the occasional book review.

EVP Research

Ann Winsper is carrying out a study investigating what people report hearing when listening to sound clips where it is unclear what is being heard. Take the survey here.

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Electromagnetic Radiation

The EMF Meter explained.


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In Crisis
What has gone wrong with paranormal research?
The EMF Explanation
Can Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) explain ghost sightings?
A Load of Orbs
Are Orbs the first manifestation of a ghost?
It's All in the Mind
Can you trust your mind not to play tricks on you?
Equipment Explained
What equipment does the modern paranormal investigator use, and why?