Most Haunted

Steve Parsons, co-founder of Para.Science, joined Most Haunted as the paranormal investigator for series 8, shown in the UK. Below are the episodes he can be seen in.

Most Haunted Live

Steve participated in Most Haunted Live, broadcast from Portsmouth on 5th, 6th and 7th May, 2006.

Pictured left is Wymering Manor, one of the venues visited during the broadcast. Picture courtesy of Matthew Eyre, licensed under use from Wikimedia Commons.

Gladstone Pottery Museum

Aired 11th July 2006. The Most Haunted Team visit Gladstone Pottery museum in Stoke On Trent. Reports of the figure of an old man, the sound of heavy footsteps, and objects being moved.

Margam Castle

Aired 18th July 2006. The Most Haunted Team investigate Margam Castle, located in Port Talbot, Wales. Margam Castle was built in the early 19th century, although the ruins of an old Cistercian Abbey are still visible on the site. The interior of the castle was gutted during a fire in 1977, but a propgramme of restoration has seen restoration of many of the important features of the castle. In 1898 Robert Scott a gamekeeper was murdered outside by a poacher, and since then his ghost has been reported to wander the gothic staircase. Noises, shadows, and footsteps are heard regulary in the Castle. A dark male figure, children singing, and a blacksmith has been seen.

Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester

Aired 25th July 2006. The Most Haunted Team visit the Royal Exchange Theatre in the city centre of Manchester. The 30 year old Theatre is based in the old Victorian Cotton Exchange building in Manchester. The main theatre is a seven sided steel and glass module that sits within the hall of the old cotton exchange, making it the world's largest theatre-in-the-round. On 15th June 1996, the IRA detonated a bomb 50 metres from the exchange building, causing damage that took over 2 years to repair and cost £32 million. Ghosts reputed to haunt the building include the actor and founding artistic director James Maxwell, also a Victorian lady.

North East Aircraft Museum

Aired 5th September 2006. Most Haunted visit the North East Aircraft Museum, Sunderland. The museum started life in 1974, and moved to its current location at Sunderland Airport in 1977. When Sunderland Airport closed in 1985, the museum moved to its current site. The reports of ghostly activity naturally include tales of the pilots and planes that were lost in accidents or action over the years. George the ghost, a Canadian pilot killed in a Hurricane crash, has been seen; stones are reported to have been thrown in hanger one; the ghost of a Czech pilot who was a German spy and stole a Hurricane aircraft from the site is also reputed to haunt the area.

RSS Discovery and HMS Unicorn

Aired 12th September 2006. The Most Haunted Team investigate two ships located in Dundee, Scotland. RSS Discovery and HMS Unicorn, both are based within a mile of each other. The Discovery was built between 1900 and 1901 by the Dundee Shipbuilder's Company. In August 1901, the ship sailed under the command of Captain Scott, and reached the Antarctic in January 1902. The ship was locked in ice for two years, before returning to Britain to great acclaim in 1904. The ship has had a varied life, being used by the Hudson Bay company, undertaking merchant voyages to Russia for the French government during the first world war, and being chartered to rescue Shackleton from the Antarctic (he ended up being rescued by a South American ship), amongst many other historic adventures. Ghostly footsteps are heard throughout the ship, people believe it could be a crew member that followed Captain Scott to the Antartic, others believe it could be from a young man who fell to his death from the crows nest. A figure has been seen in one of the cabins, a ghostly boy has been seen running around the Ship and ghostly shadows have been seen, a ghost of a young sailor is seen so vividly that visitors stop and talk to him.

HMS Unicorn is the oldest British Ship still afloat. The Ship fully launched in 1824, but the Ship never did get to see active battle due to due to onset of steam powered sailing, but the Ship did contribute to other things but it just remained in its location in Dundee. People feel uncomfortable on the decks as if someone is watching them. Poltergeist activity is said to happen in one part of the ship and heavy objects and display cases are thrown on the floor when no-one is around. Some staff members apparently refuse to enter the ship alone.